Mr. Streitz has an AB from Hamilton and an MBA
    from the University of Chicago. He was an infantry
    platoon leader with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam.
    He was in the advertising business on Madison
    Avenue before retiring.
    He is co-author of the musicals Oh, Johnny and
    Madison Avenue, the subliminal musical. He is
    the creator and lyric contributor to the Country and
    Western band, Connee and the Cowgirls.

    He is the author of The Great American College
    Tuition Rip-Off and America First, Why
    Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop
    Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders. He
    has written a screenplay, Washington and Arnold,
    two patriots and one woman, based on the book
    by General Dave R. Palmer, former superintendent
    of West Point.

Staged Reading
Tuesday, May 2nd at 2pm.

Physics Theater
300 West 43rd St, 5th Flr
New York, NY

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